Bellows Free Academy 

If the teacher has no available times, please contact them directly to make other arrangements.
We value communication between teachers and families. 
BFA will do everything they can to help make that happen.

Logging in for the first time? Simply click "Login/Create Account" and answer the questions there.
If you are already registered, enter both your email and password and push "Login/Create Account" to view your scheduled appointment.

Please record the date and time you selected, as well as your password (in case you want to change your appointment later).


First time users will need the student's id number and date of birth.

Places you can find your student's id number:
All students were asked to have their pictures taken so they would receive a school id. 
Log into PowerSchool and it is on the top of the screen.          PowerSchool Log In
Cafeteria code & library code is the same as their school id number. 

For additional help (802) 527-6571 or (802) 527-6570      or