Welcome to the San Mateo County Wellness Screening Scheduler.


San Mateo County is partnering with BaySport, Inc. to offer Wellness Screenings to benefit eligible County and Court employees from February 1st through June 30th 2018.

The Wellness Screening provides a snapshot of your current health. The tests include a fasting or non-fasting fingerstick blood test for Total Cholesterol, HDL-cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, TC/HDL ratio, Triglycerides and Glucose; a blood pressure check; a body mass index assessment; and a results consultation.  A BaySport health coach will confidentially review your results, answers your questions and concerns, and may refer you to see your doctor, if needed.

You must be *eligible to participate.

*Benefits eligible County or Court employee. County medical coverage is NOT required.

If this is your first time logging into this website, follow these special instructions to set up your account:

  1. Enter your County Email Address.
  2. Leave the password field blank.
  3. Press the Login/Create Account button.
  4. Enter your Employee ID with NO zeros (e.g. 12345, NOT 000012345)

If you created an account in 2017 and are re-visiting this website in 2018, follow these normal login instructions:

  1. Enter the email address that you provided during registration.
  2. Enter the password that you created during registration. (If you don't recall your password, please select the "Forgot Your Password" button at the bottom of this screen.)
  3. Please allow 15-30min for a password re-set link to reach your in-box. The link is good for 24 Hours.
  4. Select the Login/Create Account button or press Enter (or Return) on your keyboard.

If you are experiencing any difficulties in logging in or navigating this website, email 
smcgov@baysport.com or call 650-779-4315 to contact a BaySport representative

Note to new hires: You will be able to log in and use the scheduler at the beginning of the month when your health insurance coverage starts.