Integration with

Connect your Clever account to pickAtime
Create appointment availability schedules for your teachers
Invite your parents to start booking

1. Connect your Clever account to pickAtime and securely transfer your school or district's data (student, teacher, class, and enrollment) to your pickAtime account. Once transferred, your school's data will be synced nightly.

2. Create appointment availability schedules for your teachers using pickAtime's robust administrative tool. All your teachers can have the same schedule or they can be individualized per teacher. Your parent-teacher conferences can span single or multiple days. Teachers can be given the ability to customize their own schedules. Conferences can be virtual or in-person.

3. Invite your parents to start booking and sit back and watch the appointments come in. Parents will receive confirmation and reminder emails. Your teachers and administrators will have real-time access to all the appointments scheduled.


for Administrators
  • Easy to use interface for creating new conferences
  • Administrators and teachers are provided with several different reports to help manage the evening
  • Ensures that only one conference per teacher per student is scheduled
  • Ability to schedule group conferences
  • Ability to override parent settings and schedule longer appointments at request of either teacher or parent
for Teachers
  • Allows teachers to monitor registration
  • Each teacher can have a different schedule, including different appointment lengths
  • Break times can be different for each teacher
for Parents
  • Visual display of available appointment times
  • Provides parents with display of only relevant teachers for their child
  • Can select from ALL currently available times to find the most convenient time slot(s)
  • Can be used 24 hours a day 7 days a week (at 10:30 PM after the kids go to sleep)
  • Handles all their students and teachers in a single simple interface
  • Allows two or more parents to split up the interview assignments, while maintaining the one appointment per class per student rule
  • Prevents parents from booking appointments that put them in two places at once
  • Optionally prevents parents from booking back-to-back appointments with different teachers to ensure they have time to get to the next appointment
  • Email confirmation of appointment time(s)
  • Optional email reminders prior to conference
  • Allows parents to cancel and reschedule appointments

Download or print our features summary for reference.

Front End
  • Customizable login page, with the ability to add custom text, custom logo
  • Use scheduling site as stand-alone or as link from school website
  • Single Sign On option available through our partner companies
  • Provides visual display of available teacher/team time slots
  • Allows parent to view sibling schedules side by side
  • Optionally allows parents to book longer appointment times with different teachers
  • Provides parent with printable appointment schedule
  • Allows parent to cancel and rebook appointment
  • Allows parents to receive Outlook or Gmail calendar invitations they can add to their online calendar
  • Prevents parent from booking appointments that put them in two places at the same time
  • Optionally prevents parent from booking back-to-back appointments with different teachers to ensure that parents have time to get to the next appointment
  • Allows parent to edit their contact information and change their password
  • 24/7 access for online scheduling
  • Will not display other scheduled appointments to parent
  • Provides ability to collect parent and/or appointment specific information upon registration or appointment scheduling
  • Option to allow separated parents to have separate individual schedules
  • Ability for parents to let teachers know specific issues they'd like to discuss
  • Ability for parents to request a translator
Account Setup
  • Printable Online Manager guide
  • 24/5 M-F email support
  • Integration options with Blackbaud, Finalsite, and Clever
  • Ability to control when the scheduler is open and closed to parents
  • Ability to control how far in advance parents can book appointments
  • Ability to control how much time prior to an appointment an appointment can be cancelled
  • Total number of appointments per family can be limited, total number of appointments per student can be limited
  • Total number of appointments by appointment type can be limited
  • Ability to create teams of teachers and ensure that teachers are not double booked
  • Ability to allow some teachers to have longer conference times than other teachers or allow some teacher/class combinations to have longer conference times
  • Supports multiple time zones
  • Supports 24 hour clock
  • Supports European date format (i.e. dd/mm/yyyy)
Appointment Management
  • Slot length can be variable no restrictions on appointment length of time
  • Ability to have single or multiple appointments per time slot
  • Administrators have the ability to override parent settings and schedule longer appointments at request of either teacher or parent
  • Ability to search appointments by parent or by date
  • Outlook or Gmail calendar appointments can be made for teacher
  • Supports range of service / appointment types
  • System ensures that only one conference per teacher per student is scheduled. If your student has a teacher for 2 classes, you have the option of allowing the parent to make 2 appointments or restrict it to the 1 per student / per teacher
  • Teachers can have different schedules, including different dates, start and end times, and length of conference slots
  • Break times can be different for each teacher
  • Optional auto-assign of appointments (by request)
  • Confirmation emails
  • Cancellation emails
  • Reminder emails can be set by parent and/or set by school
  • Multiple reminder emails at specified length of times prior to appointment can be set
  • Email template for all emails can be customized, links to supporting documents, images can be added
  • Follow-up and Custom email options available
  • Text reminder option
  • Provides access to real-time reports
  • Excel export option available on reports
  • Provides ability for teachers to log in and view schedules in real-time
  • Ability to schedule periodic report delivery by email
  • Calendar export and/or calendar subscribe option available
  • Monitor which students parents have not yet booked a conference regarding
Customer Management
  • Provides online searchable parent / student database
  • User defined parent information can be collected
  • Maintains parent appointment history, including appointments scheduled and cancelled
  • Maintains parent log including record of all emails sent
  • Ability to send one-off ad-hoc emails
Administrative Management
  • Multiple user access levels available
  • Teachers/Admins can pre-book appointments
  • Limited access can be set for specific email addresses
  • Report viewing only access is available
  • Appointment making access only is available
  • Full administrative power access is available
  • PickAtime is hosted on dedicated servers in a locked and secure data center.
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology is used to encrypt the data for transmission.
  • All information collected by pickAtime is made available only to the school that the parent is making an appointment with.

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