Frequently Asked Questions

Schools and businesses primarily across the United States and Canada.
Any business that accepts appointments can benefit from pickAtime's online scheduler. In addition, we offer two products specifically designed for parent teacher conference scheduling. Examples of businesses using pickAtime are flu shot providers, health and wellness organizations, automobile repair shops, doctors offices, massage therapists, soccer clubs, therapist offices, and rehabilitation offices, to name a few.
PickAtime has been in business 16 years. Our online scheduler was designed in 2000 and we accepted our first customer in 2001.
We frequently make updates to our software. The majority of our enhancements come from requests from our customers. We continually monitor feedback and questions from our valued clients in order to make improvements and updates.
Yes, our scheduler is ideally suited for customers to register for training or events. You specify the maximum size for your event or training. When the maximum capacity is reached the scheduler will no longer accept appointments. Our reporting module provides you with information on the percentage of capacity reached, so you can monitor registration on an ongoing basis.
Yes, pickAtime allows you to set email confirmations and multiple email reminders. You can also optionally allow your customers to add the appointment to an online calendar. Service providers can also optionally receive email appointment notifications.
Yes, pickAtime allows you to collect additional information from your customers either when 1) they register with your event, and/or 2) they book an appointment with you.
Yes, you can customize almost all of the textual information on the online scheduler. You can also add your logo and additional links and text.
Our Administrative tool allows you to book and change appointments for customers that do not have access to the internet.
PickAtime hosts the online scheduler for you, there is no software for you to buy or install, and no servers to maintain.
Generally, our product is priced at 30 cents an appointment. For ongoing (month after month) appointment scheduling our pricing starts at $25 per month. For our Parent Teacher Conference product, please see our School Pricing details
Yes, all your appointment scheduling data can be exported to an Excel or TSV file.
We at pickAtime take security very seriously. We use industry standard 128-bit SSL encryption for data transmission. Our servers are in a high security data center and are restricted only to the few that maintain the system. See also our Security Statement for more details.
You can add a link to the online scheduler to your web site. When you create an account with pickAtime, a customer specific URL is automatically created for you. You can either email this link to your customers, or preferrably add this as a link on your web site.
From the login page, please select the Forgot Password option. Be sure you are using the same email address you used to create your account. If you continue to have trouble, email support at
The details on all of your invoices is available in the Reporting section. Log in from the Client Login section of our home page. Select Account View, and then select Account from the Report pull-down. You will see a list of your invoices and payments. Click on an invoice and you will see the details of the invoice.

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