Higher Education Online Scheduling

PickAtime's Higher Education scheduling software allows colleges and universities to easily take appointments for admission interviews, information sessions, college tours, counseling appointments, office hours, and more...

Easy to setup and simple to use, here's how it works:

  • Administrator sets up event schedule with dates and times
  • Students / Prospective Students / Faculty log in and select a convenient appointment time
Use pickAtime for all your higher education scheduling needs. Some examples include:
  • Campus Tours and Visits
  • Admissions Interviews
  • Financial Aid Appointments
  • Placement Testing Exam Registration
  • Freshman Major Selection Counseling
  • Fitness Center Orientation
  • Counseling Appointments
  • Mentoring Appointments
  • Office Hour Appointments
  • Resume and Cover Letter Reviews
  • Room Scheduling


  • Eliminates Pen and Paper Scheduling
  • Reduces back and forth phone call messaging
  • Give your students and faculty 24/7 access to the scheduler
  • Reduce no-shows with Appointment Calendar Notifications for both students and faculty

Sign up now - you will not be invoiced until after your first event and if for any reason you are not satisfied and do not want to use the system again, there is no obligation to pay.

  • Save countless hours of administrative work
  • Eliminate the hassle of pen and paper scheduling
  • Use our powerful administrative software to set up your scheduler
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Try the following demos to experience the way a student, a prospective student, or faculty member can easily make appointments using pickAtime.

Admissions Office Online Scheduler
This is a demo for an Admissions Online Scheduler.
View Demo
Faculty Online Scheduler
This is a demo for a Faculty Appointments Online Scheduler.
View Demo
Freshman Orientation Online Scheduler
This is a demo for a Freshman Orientation Online Scheduling.
View Demo

Download or print our features summary for reference.

Front End
  • Optimized for mobile
  • Customizable login page. Add custom text, custom logo, links to consent forms, etc.
  • Use scheduling site as stand-alone or as link from College or University website
  • Available slots can be displayed in a table, text, date, or list format
  • Provides students/prospective students with printable appointment schedule
  • Allows students/prospective students to cancel/reschedule appointment
  • Allows students to edit their contact information and change their password
  • Allows students to receive Outlook or Google calendar invitations they can add to their online calendar
  • 24/7 access for online scheduling
  • Will not display other scheduled appointments to students
  • Provides ability to collect student and/or appointment specific information upon registration or appointment scheduling
  • Accept credit card payments online
Account Setup
  • Printable Online Manager guide
  • 24/5 M-F email support
  • Ability to control when the scheduler is open and closed to students
  • Ability to control how far in advance students can book tours, counseling, office hours, etc...
  • Ability to control how much time prior to an appointment an appointment can be cancelled
  • Total number of appointments per student can be limited
  • Total number of appointments by appointment type can be limited
  • Frequency of appointment scheduling by student can be limited
  • Ability to restrict scheduling access by student ID or other key field
  • Supports multiple time zones
  • Supports 24 hour clock
  • Supports European date format (i.e. dd/mm/yyyy)
Appointment Management
  • Slot length can be variable
  • Ability to have single or multiple appointments per time slot
  • Supports both one time and periodic appointment scheduling
  • Appointment schedule can be displayed before or after login
  • Ability to search appointments by student or by date
  • Outlook calendar appointment can be made for appointment provider
  • Supports range of service/appointment types
  • Ability to limit number of appointments per resource / per day. Display your entire day of availability but only allow a fixed number of appointments to be booked.
  • Ability to display rolling number of appointment slots per day, to allow you to fill up early morning slots first
  • Confirmation emails
  • Cancellation emails
  • Reminder emails can be set by student and/or set by the University or College
  • Multiple reminder emails at specified length of times prior to appointment can be set
  • Email template for all emails can be customized, links to supporting documents, images can be added
  • Follow-up and Custom email options available
  • Text reminder option
  • Provides access to real-time reports
  • Excel export option available on reports
  • Reports can be run for a specific date range
  • Reports can be generated by provider, by location, by event
  • Slot report available displaying all available time slots -- can be used to schedule walk-in appointments such as tours and counseling
  • Summary report on % of slots filled per location
  • Optional email notification when % of slots exceeds an Administrative specified number
Student Management
  • Provides online searchable student database
  • User defined student information can be collected
  • Maintains student appointment history, including appointments scheduled and cancelled
  • Maintains student log including record of all emails sent
Administrative Management
  • Multiple user access levels available
  • Limited access can be set for specific email addresses
  • Report viewing access only is available
  • Appointment making access only is available
  • Full administrative power is available
  • Multiple user access levels available
  • Limited access can be set for specific email addresses
  • Report viewing access only is available
  • Appointment making access only is available
  • Full administrative power is available

Cost - single or multiple day events
An event costs $0.30 per appointment. An event can include many days but each is a single location.
Cost - periodic
A periodic style appointment book, where you have a template of slots that repeat each week, costs $25 per month, which includes two scheduling resources. Each additional resource costs $5 per month extra.

Try pickAtime’s Setup Services. We handle the setup of your scheduler. We create the account, including the setup of your available time slots. Our Setup Services include the customization of the front-end of your scheduler, as well as your email confirmations, reminders and any additional messaging you would like on the site. Email us at info@pickatime.com for more details. Free for first time clients.