Any business that registers students for camps, classes, or other events can benefit from pickAtime's online scheduling service.

Easy to setup and simple to use, here's how it works:

  • Administrators set up and monitor event schedule
  • Students / Prospective Students / Parents log in and view available camps/programs and sign up

Use pickAtime for all your class and camp scheduling needs. Some examples include:

  • Summer Camps
  • Sports Camps
  • Drivers Ed Classes
  • Evening Workshops
  • Eliminates Pen and Paper Scheduling
  • Reduces back and forth phone call messaging
  • Give your students and parents 24/7 access to the scheduler
  • Send email reminders prior to the scheduled appointment
  • Personalized and customized registration forms
  • Accept payments from students / parents upon booking


pickAtime scheduling software
  • Save countless hours of administrative work
  • Eliminate the hassle of pen and paper scheduling
  • Use our powerful administrative software to set up your scheduler
Schedule a call with one of our support staff to view a demo and discuss options for your school or organization.

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Class / Camp Demos

Try the following demos to experience the way a parent can easily book events using pickAtime.

These demos are just examples of the powerful features that you can use for camp and class scheduling; your organization can easily create a significantly different setup to meet your unique needs.

Summer Basketball Camp
This is a demo for registration for a Basketball camp
View Demo
Robotics Camp
This is a demo for registration for a Robotics camp
View Demo
Book a Birthday Party
This is a demo to book a birthday party
View Demo


Try pickAtime’s Setup Services. We handle the setup of your scheduler. We create the account, including the setup of your available time slots. Our Setup Services include the customization of the front-end of your scheduler, as well as your email confirmations, reminders and any additional messaging you would like on the site. Email us at for more details. Free for first time clients.