pickAtime school scheduling software

Full feature list - Higher Education

Full feature list - Higher Education

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Front End

  • Customizable login page. Add custom text, custom logo, links to consent forms, etc.
  • Use scheduling site as stand-alone or as link from College or University website
  • Available slots can be displayed in a table format or a textual format
  • Provides prospective students with printable appointment schedule
  • Allows prospective students to cancel / reschedule appointment
  • Allows students to edit their contact information and change their password
  • 24/7 access for online scheduling
  • Will not display other scheduled appointments to students
  • Provides ability to collect student and/or appointment specific information upon registration or appointment scheduling

Account Setup

  • Printable Online Manager guide
  • 24/7 email support
  • Ability to control when the scheduler is open and closed to students
  • Ability to control how far in advance students can book tours, counseling, office hours, etc...
  • Ability to control how much time prior to an appointment an appointment can be cancelled
  • Total number of appointments per student can be limited
  • Total number of appointments by appointment type can be limited
  • Frequency of appointment scheduling by student can be limited
  • Supports multiple time zones
  • Supports 24 hour clock
  • Supports European date format (i.e. dd/mm/yyyy)

Appointment Management

  • Slot length can be variable
  • Ability to have single or multiple appointments per time slot
  • Supports both one time and periodic appointment scheduling
  • Appointment schedule can be displayed before or after login
  • Ability to search appointments by student or by date
  • Outlook calendar appointment can be made for appointment provider
  • Supports range of service / appointment types
  • Ability to limit number of appointments per resource / per day. Display your entire day of availability but only allow a fixed number of appointments to be booked.
  • Ability to display rolling number of appointment slots per day, to allow you to fill up early morning slots first


  • Confirmation emails
  • Cancellation emails
  • Reminder emails can be set by student and/or set by the University or College
  • Multiple reminder emails at specified length of times prior to appointment can be set
  • Email template for all emails can be customized, links to supporting documents, images can be added
  • Follow-up and Custom email options available


  • Provides access to real-time reports
  • Excel export option available on reports
  • Reports can be run for a specific date range
  • Reports can be generated by provider, by location, by event
  • Slot report available displaying all available time slots -- can be used to schedule walk-in appointments such as tours and counseling
  • Summary report on % of slots filled per location

Student Management

  • Provides online searchable customer database
  • User defined student information can be collected
  • Maintains student appointment history, including appointments scheduled and cancelled

Administrative Management

  • Multiple user access levels available
  • Limited access can be set for specific email addresses
  • Report viewing access only is available
  • Appointment making access only is available
  • Full administrative power is available