Benefits of pickAtime Parent Teacher Conference Scheduler

Benefits of pickAtime Parent Teacher Conference Scheduler

for Administrators

  • Easy to use interface for creating new conferences
  • Administrators and teachers are provided with several different reports to help manage the evening
  • Ensures that only one conference per teacher per student is scheduled
  • Ability to schedule group conferences
  • Ability to override parent settings and schedule longer appointments at request of either teacher or parent

for Teachers

  • Allows teachers to monitor registration
  • Each teacher can have a different schedule, including different appointment lengths
  • Break times can be different for each teacher

for Parents

  • Visual display of available appointment times
  • Provides parents with display of only relevant teachers for their child
  • Can select from ALL currently available times to find the most convenient time slot(s)
  • Can be used 24 hours a day 7 days a week (at 10:30 PM after the kids go to sleep)
  • Handles all their students and teachers in a single simple interface
  • Allows two or more parents to split up the interview assignments, while maintaining the one appointment per class per student rule
  • Prevents parents from booking appointments that put them in two places at once
  • Optionally prevents parents from booking back-to-back appointments with different teachers to ensure they have time to get to the next appointment
  • Email confirmation of appointment time(s)
  • Optional email reminders prior to conference
  • Allows parents to cancel and reschedule appointments